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The first book on this list is the best all-in-one genealogy book I have ever found.

Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy

Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy

Slaves in the Family [This is not a genealogy how-to book, but a great account of a family history.]"

How Healthy Is Your Family Tree?: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Family's Medical and Behavioral History

They Came in Ships: A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor's Arrival Records

Ancestors: A Family History

Great Ancestor Hunt: The Fun of Finding out Who You Are

Scottish Surnames and Families

Family Tree Kit

Oxford Companion to Local and Family History

Searching for Your Ancestors: The how & why of Genealogy

Archaelogical Study of the Mississippi Choctaw Indians

In Search of Your European Roots : A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Every Country in Europe

In Search of Your German Roots

Your English Ancestry : A Guide for North Americans

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